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MoLash® Eyelash Serum

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MoLash® is an effective serum stimulating growth of eyelashes, making them longer, thicker, stronger and noticeably improving their condition.

The eyelash serum formula popular around the world is appreciated by women who want to have beautiful natural eyelashes and the super power of impressive look.


Use MoLash® Eyelash Serum for just 3 weeks and you'll see your lashes gain power - they will be visibly thicker and strengthened, and after 3 months you'll be surprised with their length and spectacular thickness. MoLash® is a top quality product - it is not only effective, but also safe - it was created through the combination of cutting-edge technology and multiple ophthalmological and dermatological tests.

The advanced MoLash® formula speeds up the natural growth of eyelashes and strengthens them from the roots, making them long, strong and preventing them from falling out. This always gives you more lashes.

Use it every day for 3-8 weeks and then 2-4 times a week to keep the effect.

One pack contains 5 ml of the serum - this is enough for the entire therapy, i.e. 3 months of use and beginning of the effect maintaining phase.

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