Only a natural person having full capacity to legal acts and residing in the territory of the Republic of Poland who meets the requirements provided for in these Terms and Conditions can participate in the loyalty program referred to as “YOU GET MORE with MoLash®…”

The Users participating in the loyalty program are provided with special treatment on molash.pl in the form of access to offers prepared specifically for the program participants, under different or more beneficial conditions.

All Loyalty program participants receive 1 year of MoLash® therapy for free!

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Let us surprise you and take care of your eyelashes with MoLash®. Stay with MoLash® for two years of therapy and you will get the third year for free.
Two years according to the following scheme
The first MoLash® pack allows for 3 months of therapy.

The second MoLash® pack allows for 6 months of therapy.

The third MoLash® pack allows for 6 months of therapy.

The fourth MoLash® pack allows for 6 months of therapy.
Additional year of free therapy
After purchase of the fifth MoLash® packaging, it will be shipped with two MoLash® packs for free - which gives you an additional therapy year for free!
2 packs MoLash® for free
All loyalty program participants can also purchase five MoLash® packs in one order and immediately receive two MoLash® packs for free - You decide what to do with those two additional MoLash® packs!
  • All persons applying for participation in the loyalty program are required to sign in and provide all details requested in the application process on molash.pl or in the e-mails. Data necessary for effective application for the loyalty program will be properly marked and failure to enter the said data prevents participation in the program.
  • Any person joining the loyalty program declares that he/she grants consent for receiving messages to the specified e-mail address sent by the Administrator and regarding topics related to the subject of molash.pl as well as containing commercial information regarding new products, services and promotions of molash.pl.
  • Participation in the program is voluntary and necessary for order execution.
  • Any person joining the loyalty program grants consent to the Administrator to process his/her personal details provided when enlisting in the program or provided to the Administrator at a later date due to any specific occassion related to their participation in the program in relation to which the details provider expressly reserved that he/she does not grant consent for further processing of the given details by the Administrator.
  • Any person can withdraw the consent for personal data processing granted to the Administrator at any time and has the right of review of his/her personal details processed by the Administrator, lodging objections in relation to their processing or demanding their correction. Upon withdrawal of the consent for data processing or receipt of messages from the Administrator, not later than 72 hours from reporting the withdrawal, the Administrator shall delete all personal data of the withdrawing person and remove his/her e-mail address from the molash.pl e-mailing list.
  • Failure to grant the consent for receipt of commercial information and personal data processing or its further withdrawal results in refusal to grant the loyalty program member status and exclusion of such a person from the program upon withdrawal of even one of the above consents since the prerequisite of program participation is possession of the above consents by the Administrator for the entire program participation period.
  • Exclusion from the loyalty program is equivalent to losing all privileges acquired during membership.
  • Any loyalty program particpant can leave the program reporting this fact to the Administrator.
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