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It is both fast and easy to use! Professional tool allows easy aplication due to its similarities shared with regular eyeliner! At a night time you should simply remove your make-up, dry up your skin around your eyes. Then, with a gentle pull of a fine brush apply MoLash® on the upper part of your lashes. This activity should be repeated each next day in order maximize MOLASH® efficiency. After reaching your preffered look, MoLash® should not be used more than two-tree times during single week. Attention! MoLash®, due to its composition should not be used on eyeballs.

After 3 weeks of regular use, you can see first major changes in your apperance. In order to benefit from complete lengthening effect, you must use MoLash® straight for 3 months.

It’s very easy to obtain! After the succesfull 3-months-long curation, just apply MoLash® two or three times during one week!

Yes, you can also do it, but you are advised to start the curation 2 weeks after receiving permament make-up.

There is nothing to worry about. MoLash® is designed to be used at night, and should be applied on dry skin.

Yes, these two actions will not collide with eachother. Henna will just strengthen lengthening effect!

Once again, yes you can, as our product does not dissolve serum’s components.

No, MoLash® can still be applied, even if you are wearing contact lenses.

Do not worry, just continue the application next day. Just remember, systematicity is a key to success. In order to benefit from MoLash® maximal capabilities, you should use it every day, throughout the whole course of curation.

This product was not tested on people undergoing chemotherapy. In order to receive proper answer, you should contact your doctor. ( We do not advise using MoLash® during the course of chemotherapy.)

Due to insufficient ammount of studies, MoLash® should not be used during one of two aforementioned states.

You should wash it using clean water. If you maintain to feel some irritates you should refrain from using MoLash® for a couple of days. If such nuisances will not dissapear, you are advised to visit your doctor.

It retains its properties for 12 months after opening.

When you will reach your desired effect, your advised to reduce the its usage, but not refrain from it completely. Sporadic MoLash® usage will allow you to maintain the lengthenning effect of your eyelashes!

Single bottle offers 5 ml of the liquid.

MoLash® can be bought on our official website or selective shops, offering only the bust products of their kind.

Our will be delivered 2 weeks from the realization of the purchase order.

Yes, we are capable of delivering our product everywhere in the boundaries of the Europe. The Delivery price is dependent on the covered distance.

We respect the privacy of our clients. While buying the product on our official website you may be reassured that only you will know what is in the package.

No, we have not performed any tests of our product on the animals.

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